MUSHNOMICS F2F Meeting in Budapest

On November 28th, we reunited in Budapest for our third face-to-face meeting, which was warmly hosted by our partner Pilze-Nagy.

The meeting was overflowing with discussions about many aspects of the project, including substrate generation, mushroom culture techniques, and environmentally responsible recycling of spent substrate. Our goal included enhancing the functionality of our Data-Driven Platform, which was designed to meet the specific needs of future mushroom-growing clients.

All partners gave detailed progress reports, highlighting key developments such as the integration of ML/DL models in Controlled Environment Agriculture, advancements in Module Design and Architecture, updates on the MUHSNOMICS Platform, and ongoing UI enhancements.

Furthermore, we are currently fine-tuning the project, continuously working toward completing all deliverables required for the upcoming review meeting. Our combined efforts are aimed at ensuring a comprehensive and effective conclusion to this collaborative undertaking.

More project updates are planned for the near future.