Project Deliverables

This page contains all the public deliverables that result from the project's activities.

WP1 - Market research and value chain analysis

  • D1.1 Report on mushroom value chain dynamics
  • D1.2 List of local stakeholder groups and members
  • D1.3 Report on demand and supply gap analysis of mushroom produce and substrate

WP2 - Data-drivern algorithm development

  • D2.1 Report on state-of-the-art algorithms
  • D2.2 Report on MUSHNOMICS AI-algorithms
  • D2.3 Validation of MUSHNOMICS AI algorithms

WP3 - Production trials and optimization

  • D3.1 Report on potential substrates and their lab analyses
  • D3.2 Design of MUSHNOMICS Module and its sensor system
  • D3.3 Report on MUSHNOMICS Module trials
  • D3.4 Report on valorization of spent mushroom substrate
  • D3.5 Final documentation of the MUSHNOMICS Module

WP4 - Data integration in mushroom value chain

  • D4.1 Integration of all data and AI algorithms into the platform
  • D4.2 Digital platform architecture and functionalities
  • D4.3 European e-course implemented on digital platform

WP5 - Innovative business model

  • D5.1 Cost-benefit analysis report on the production trials
  • D5.2 Business models developed
  • D5.3 Report on technology assessment and acceptance

WP6 - Project coordination, dissemination, communication

  • D6.1 Consortium Agreement
  • D6.2 1st, 2nd and 3rd periodic report to the national funding agency and ICT-AGRI-FOOD
  • D6.3 Documentation of kick-off, annual coordination and WP leader meetings
  • D6.4 Roadmap for Knowledge exchange, Communication and Impact Maximization (KCIM) Plan
  • D6.5 Project website with links to social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • D6.6 Technical guidelines for farmers, stakeholders and preparation of policy briefs