Unlocking Data-Driven Innovation for Improving Productivity and Data Sharing in Mushroom
Value Chain

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The aim of the MUSHNOMICS project is to demonstrate the feasibility of dynamic data-driven analytics for multi-domain mushroom production environments in order to optimize yield, lower costs and improve the economic viability of this agri-food sector.

Keywords: Smart Sensors, ICT Platform, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, IoT enabled Mushroom Production



AI Integration

Develop best-performing artificial intelligence (AI)-driven algorithms for yield prediction of mushrooms in a prototype MUSHNOMICS module with IoT (Internet of Things) devices for real time production management and demonstration in our end-user (PILZE), Hungary by 2022

Data Exchange

Develop an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) platform to exchange data and information from production to points of sale along the entire value chain of mushrooms by 2023

Innovative Business

Co-develop innovative business models based on container retrofitted MUSHNOMICS Module for informed decision making by mushroom growers/entrepreneurs by 2024

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